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Kumon Franchisees


Walsingham Planning welcome potential Kumon franchisees and hope that we will be able to assist you in obtaining any necessary planning approvals for your project.

Walsingham Planning

We have been in business for 33 years albeit with a name change from the original Cliff Walsingham & Co when Cliff retired.

We have been helping a very wide variety of different clients, from private individuals to FTSE 100 companies, deal with the planning system achieving approvals for their schemes and dealing with all manner of other enquiries and concerns.

Of particular relevance to the type of projects likely to be of interest to Kumon franchisees is the experience of dealing with planning authorities across mainland UK with a 95% rate of success. We have dealt with many different changes of use of High Street and other premises including acting for Explore Learning in gaining approval for their outlets in a variety of locations.

We have offices in Bristol, Bourne End and Knutsford to fully cover the mainland UK. Learn more about us

The service we can offer

If you have already completed some due diligence and identified a property we will be happy to provide some quick “desk top” advice on the chances of a successful planning application. We offer this service on a free of charge basis if you will go on to use our services if a planning application is to be made.

If the chances of success are encouraging and you have secured the property we can either make a planning application or engage in pre-application discussions with the Council on your behalf (as best suited to the circumstances – our free of charge desktop advice will assist in making this choice).

In addition to dealing with changes of use we also have very extensive experience of Listed Buildings, so we will be able to advise on the particular issue that arise if your site has Listed status. If you are unsure whether a site is Listed, our free of charge desktop advice would identify is this is the case.

We will require some information from you about your particular offer and the property concerned but can then undertake all submissions, discussions and negotiations with the Council seeking an approval. No-one can guarantee success but we make 100s of applications a year with a very high success rate and we have detailed experience of this type of proposal.

Our values

  • We fully appreciate the importance of every application to the client concerned and will always do our best to secure favourable outcomes.
  • We will spend your money as if it were our own, if we think you are better off finding alternative premises we will tell you.
  • We regularly deal with franchisees as well as commercial concerns and we understand the different style and advice you will appreciate.
  • We are commercially astute, well prepared, We identify and deal with issues as early as possible to deliver positive outcomes.

What we will need you to do

For our free of charge desk top advice all we will usually need is an address and postcode and brief idea of the proposal (e.g. “we want to use the ground floor shop unit but will keep the first floor as residential”). Details of the property from a selling agent and some photos will usually help but are not essential.

If we are to proceed we will need:

  • More detail of your particular operation: number of pupils present at a time, number of staff, opening hours/days and some operational information we can discuss depending on the site circumstances.
  • Details of the ownership of the property and the boundaries.
  • Details of any external works to the property (e.g. plans and elevations if you are going to move the doors or change the shopfront).
  • A plan of how you would organise the internal layout.

Our fees

We offer a free of charge desk top advice service. To make a change of use planning application for a typical High Street premises or similar, our fees would be £2,600 + VAT and any fees to the Council (for change of use this would be £462 - no VAT).

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