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Day 2 and the Walsingham Wheelers continue their triumphant record breaking progress across France to Abbeville

Today's guest author JV, Jonathan Vose

The Walsingham Wheelers undertook their first full day of cycling in Northern France today, covering 73 miles and crossing the half way point on the journey to Paris.

Brian, our Lead Rider, explained in his pre-ride briefing that the countryside of Pas de Calais was rolling in nature and like nowhere in the UK. He was right on both counts. The countryside was indeed rolling (exclusively uphill or downhill) and the scenery was a lot more impressive than any of us expected.

The many highlights of the day included some fantastic chateauxs, beautiful lakes and rivers, a wonderfully french town market, deer running across the fields and Stephen finding one of Northern France's most beautiful and authentic restaurants for our lunch stop. One can only imagine how beautiful and authentic  the food would have been, were it to be open.

As well as raising money for a fantastic cause and undertaking a great adventure, one of the great merits of the trip is getting to know your colleagues a little better, especially between our two offices. Speaking on a personal level, it has been great to get to know my room mate Simon a lot better. We share toothpaste and shower gel (because I forgot them), we have even managed to share a jar of Sudacream - an essential item to reduce 'saddle soreness'. Our only rule on that front is no double dipping!

Tomorrow sees us facing around 65 miles of cycling on our quest to reach Paris. We again thank all who have sponsored us and look forward to another day in the saddle.


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